Frantic Elevators
Frantic Elevators

Welcome along to the unofficial Frantic Elevators site. This site aims to be an in-depth reference to one of Manchester's most interesting bands.

This site has been provided by Ray Murray, a Frantic Elevators fan. If you can contribute to this site in any way, please do. Your help will be valuable and greatly appreciated. All correspondence to

Updated: Monday 23 October 2017

Latest news

The audio page has been updated with all ten Peel Sessions songs, along with three songs recorded at Devilles in Manchester.

There used to be a clip on YouTube of the Frantic Elevators performing Production Prevention at Futurama 2 in 1980. This video was lost when the poster's account was pulled. At long last, however, someone has been kind enough to upload it once again. You can view it now on Youtube.

Neil Moss is once again making music, as a member of Manchester duo KP2 and Nemo. Their EP Fruits and Roots is available for listening and purchase via this link.

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