Frantic Elevators
Frantic Elevators

Welcome along to the unofficial Frantic Elevators site. This site aims to be an in-depth reference to one of Manchester's most interesting bands.

This site has been provided by Ray Murray, a Frantic Elevators fan. If you can contribute to this site in any way, please do. Your help will be valuable and greatly appreciated. All correspondence to

Updated: Thursday 3 April 2014

Latest news
Neil Moss is once again making music, as a member of Manchester duo KP2 and Nemo. Their EP Fruits and Roots is available for listening and purchase via this link.

A request
There used to be a clip on YouTube of the Frantic Elevators performing Production Prevention at Futurama 2 in 1980. This video was lost when the poster's account was pulled. Do you happen to possess a copy of this video clip? Please contact me at .

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