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In a world before Simply Red, there existed a post-punk band called the Frantic Elevators. Spurred on by the Sex Pistols concert at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1976, a young Mick Hucknall put together a band that would release four singles. This site is your in-depth reference to one of Manchester's most interesting bands.

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Live at Futurama 2

There used to be a clip on YouTube of the Frantic Elevators performing Production Prevention at Futurama 2 Festival in 1980. That video was sadly lost when the poster's account was pulled. However, at long last someone has been amazing enough to source and upload it once again, and that person is Gary Brown. You can view it now below.

Frantic Elevators - Production Prevention @ Futurama 80
Frantic Elevators - Production Prevention @ Futurama 80

Peel Sessions

In 1981, the Frantic Elevators recorded two sessions for John Peel, with each session showcasing five of their songs. Normally we hope and pray that BBC 6 Music will occasionally elect to play one of them. Well now, all of that is over, and those ten songs are here and ready for your listening pleasure, including one of Mick's earliest songwriting efforts - Ice Cream And Wafers. Visit the audio page to listen.

Live at Devilles

In 1981, the Frantic Elevators gave a concert at Devilles in Manchester. Playing to a somewhat disinterested and even hostile crowd, Mick and the boys ploughed on through a set of many songs. Two more songs from this concert - Passion and Stay - are now available to hear. Visit the audio page to listen.

Neil Moss back in the studio

Neil Moss is once again making music, as a member of Manchester duo KP2 and Nemo, alongside former Hamsters band member Ian Moss AKA Moey. Their EP Fruits and Roots is available for listening and purchase via this link.

Mick and father Reg on The One Show

Taken from an edition of BBC1 evening programme The One Show, Mick discusses how he came by the chord progression for Holding Back The Years, and even treats us to a rendition of the Frantic Elevators song Ice Cream And Wafers! Also talked about is his interest in art, and how as a teen he was torn between art and music.

Mick and Reg Hucknall
Mick and Reg Hucknall on The One Show