Frantic Elevators
Frantic Elevators

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  • By downloading any of the following files, you agree to delete them from your hard drive within 24 hours of downloading.
  • The files have been encoded in Realaudio format, so as to prevent burning to CD. All files will be no longer than 30 seconds in length.

To listen to the following files, you will require RealPlayer 8 or later. You are however advised to use JetAudio, a fairly new player which is able to play Realaudio and Realmedia files. Unlike RealPlayer, JetAudio doesn't hijack your file associations or pester you with needless advertising.
Download JetAudio - 17MB

Voice In The Dark 127 KB
Passion 118 KB
Every Day I Die 127 KB
Hunchback Of Notre Dame (TJM version) 127 KB
I See Nothing And Everything 127 KB
Don't Judge Me 127 KB
You Know What You Told Me 127 KB
Production Prevention 127 KB
Searching For The Only One 127 KB
Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Crackin' Up version) 118 KB
Holding Back The Years 127 KB
Pistols In My Brain 127 KB
Here I Am, I'm Back Again (Live at Devilles) 127 KB
Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Peel sessions) 118 KB
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